My progress into Web 2.0

Well, I thought I would give an update into my adventure to become an active member of Web 2.0. Some days I have to admit, I read more than I respond to. I am going to try to overcome that.

When it comes to Twitter, Riptide Furse and so many others post really great urls and I drift away from one site to the next for a half an hour or more. It has been fun responding to others to help in a lesson or demonstration they are working on. I replied to a comment earlier this week made by Will Richardson, but wondered if I should have deleted it. Does someone so well known in this arena really care what I have to say?

I did join the NECC 2008 ning, and I will admit that I didn't know what a ning was until I saw it. That new step has really been helpful in knowing how to prepare for the conference. It made me happy to accept a new friend request and hopefully some of my own requests will be accepted. I have seen some other nings that look interesting so my goal is join those in the coming weeks.

I think what is holding me back is my fragile web ego, which is kind of strange considering my face-to-face ego is healthly. It feels like the first day of kindergarten, you want to run right in but it is such a strange, new place. You know you learn a lot and make new friends, but you don't want to be rejected. You feel like the others know more than you and that is scary too. It will all be okay though, it just takes time.