What I learned from the Olympics

I think this Summer games were amazing! I probably watched more than ever any others and the experienced was heightened by plurking through the major events. It was sad to not have it every evening, but as the school year began I realized that there was a major lesson to learn from the Olympics. Of course trying your best are good sportsmanship important, but I think the one that I should try to keep in mind is PACE YOURSELF!

Changing the attitude in my building about technology is going to be a marathon, but I went in treating it like a sprint. During teacher week, I had a few successful moments, but I felt burned out already. Since I offered help to anyone, I spent all of my time doing just that. In the end, I stayed late everyday set to get my computer lab ready for the first day of students.

Our new student information system was also more than I trained for. I get emails, phones, and drop-ins all times of day and now nights. It is dragging down my finishing time and my goal to integrate technology in all subjects. Right now I feel like I am not even going to finish the race.

It is hard to pace myself, because it is hard to tell someone no if they want help with technology. I feel like if I say no then that is another excuse not to get started. I also know I can't keep up at this pace with out a cramp. So my thought that instead of sprint or a marathon they race I should be running is the relay.

So I went to my principal about setting up a technology committe and she was very receptive. Now I am trying to recruit strong members that I feel that I can pass the baton to when I can't go any further. I also need to set the goals and vision for the group. I hope together we can go for the gold, but I would be happy with the bronze. Maybe we should just concentrate on keeping the technology torch lit.


Ten Tech Goals for the Year

I don't want to spend too much time raving about Plurk, because there are better blog posts and podcasts on that subject. Since school is still over a week away for teachers, I enjoy plurking on a pretty regular basis to gain good resources and to join great discussions. To me the best Plurks are the ones that really get me thinking and where the threads bring different points of view. A couple of Plurks by Steve Dembo and others asked for school and tech goals. Since Plurk only allows for 140 characters, I thought I would explore this topic further. Not that I expect anyone really cares what for goals are for the next school year, but I want my blog to be my Jimmney Crickett. That voice will remind me of what I should do rather than give up when things get rough.

Well here it goes...

1. Come out strong from the beginning! Don't wait for people to make excuses for not using technology.

2. To be available to staff as much as possible to help with technology. It doesn't matter if I have a title or even part of a committee to help a staff member.

3. I should set the example in my classroom. That will require to vary from the Microsoft Office centered curriculum, but that is actually a bonus.

4. Get administration to buy in. I truly believe they set the tone for any new movement.

5. Celebrate the small achievements. I am known for being impatient and wanting to change everything now. Even if one teacher uses one new tool or uses more technology tools they know about, then this adventure will be worth it.

6. Don't burn myself out! I need a strong start, but need to also make it to the finish line. This might require me closing my door and I should do that without feeling guilty.

7. I am going to work to making technology easier for teachers. I have made many guides in the past, but this I plan to add video and cheat sheets for those that don't bother with big guides.

8. Sharing is the key! This is a weakness for the school in my opinion, but I am hoping that will change as people join the new school ning.

9. Not to fall in the negativity trap! It is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the complaining in the building. Instead of joining in I want to ask, "What do you think we could do to change that?"

10. Most of all be patient! This is my weakness, and to combat that I am going to remind myself, "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

Ok Eduverse, keep me honest and let me wish all of you changing education for the better a fabulous school year!