What I learned from the Olympics

I think this Summer games were amazing! I probably watched more than ever any others and the experienced was heightened by plurking through the major events. It was sad to not have it every evening, but as the school year began I realized that there was a major lesson to learn from the Olympics. Of course trying your best are good sportsmanship important, but I think the one that I should try to keep in mind is PACE YOURSELF!

Changing the attitude in my building about technology is going to be a marathon, but I went in treating it like a sprint. During teacher week, I had a few successful moments, but I felt burned out already. Since I offered help to anyone, I spent all of my time doing just that. In the end, I stayed late everyday set to get my computer lab ready for the first day of students.

Our new student information system was also more than I trained for. I get emails, phones, and drop-ins all times of day and now nights. It is dragging down my finishing time and my goal to integrate technology in all subjects. Right now I feel like I am not even going to finish the race.

It is hard to pace myself, because it is hard to tell someone no if they want help with technology. I feel like if I say no then that is another excuse not to get started. I also know I can't keep up at this pace with out a cramp. So my thought that instead of sprint or a marathon they race I should be running is the relay.

So I went to my principal about setting up a technology committe and she was very receptive. Now I am trying to recruit strong members that I feel that I can pass the baton to when I can't go any further. I also need to set the goals and vision for the group. I hope together we can go for the gold, but I would be happy with the bronze. Maybe we should just concentrate on keeping the technology torch lit.