New Year? New _______?

As I have stated here before, the beginning of a new year means a lot to me. The chance to be better and start new adventures. There is a different feeling to the beginning of 2012 compared to other years. Not sure I can really describe it...More peaceful? A lack of charge to run out and conquer the world? This feeling has me questioning: What do I want from 2012?

1. I want to keep learning! I want that feeling that I had when Web 2.0 was new to me or using the iPad for the first time.

2. I want to be healthy! This is not a resolution to go on a drastic diet or run 10 miles a day. I just want to continue what I started in 2011. Moving every day and conscience of what I eat.

3. I want to be free to be me! I did change in the past year after losing my mother. Too much time was wasted trying to be the "old me." Now is the time to learn who I am now and being okay with that person.

That is about it. Other than these three simple things, I am ready for whatever 2012 brings. Hopefully more blue skies than gray. Even in the gray, may there be some silve linings and a couple of rainbows.