2009 is my hope for 2010

Of course this time is a great time to be reflective and figure out if 2009 was a good year or the one that I will slip away quietly. There were many events that I found about 2009 to be personally rewarded.

Feeling closer to my network: This was the latest addition, but one I felt should top the list. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful network of people that I can learn from everyday.

Article about Grants: The unexpected surprise of someone outside of my school and PLN finding out about my plans to bring new technology to the school. The best part was that students were the focus of the reporter and photographer. They were the whole reason for all of that work.

Finishing Grad School: The other day I realized that I earned three degrees in one decade. I can't say that I found all of the answers in formal education, but it did give me a great foundation to be a reflective educator.

Becoming the Tech Liaison: This has been a great lesson in leadership and learning about the needs of my school.

ISTE 2010 Acceptance Email: This was an amazing surprise since I never expected to have my first proposal accepted. What was even better was that PLN bud Ken Shelton brought up the idea of working on a proposal during a rough tech moment at my school and helped me through the whole process. The icing on the cake is having an amazing panel to converse with during ISTE '10.

The Last NECC Conference: It was local this time which made it a different experience than San Antonio. I had the best of both worlds by spending more time with those I rarely get to see in my district and from across the country.

The Last MICCA Conference: At the time I didn't know this would be the last one due to the name change to MSET. It was a perfect ending because it was my best experience at MICCA. Of course it was the people that made it a cloud nine experience. I am so grateful to have a local sect of my PLN that give me the courage to push my own limits.

Powering Up with Technology: While I can't say this has been highlight in my presenting experience, there were some definite highlights! Spending a day with my favorite techies, supporting a new presenter, and seeing Aaron Smith, the Art Guy, win a netbook only to rid it of Windows XP was worth it.

DEN Leadership Council: This is still a work in progress, but a great lesson on being a member of a group.

The best part about all of these events is that they make me excited for 2010. I like the idea of a fresh start and new adventures. While I spent days trying to find an inspiring ending to this post and 2009, I think I will borrow the words from my High School/Facebook friend Scott:

My resolution for 2010 is to let no day this year go wasted. I hope all the people close to me find a little bit of happiness in every day of the year and on some days a lot.


Time for some Winter Activities

I figured that since I am trapped in about two feet of snow that it is time to share some winter activities I have used in my classroom. Enjoy!


Do you have a Tech Anthem?

The other day I decided to not use one of playlists and let the destiny of ipod's shuffle feature entertain me. My music tastes vary across different genres and different decades so you never know what could be next. I absolutely love music, maybe even more than technology, to lift my spirits or support a lousy mood. I love the power of feeling a connection to the beat and the lyrics. I came a across a song the other day that I thought could be my tech anthem.

It was Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. If you have never heard before I included a beautiful version of it by Idina Menzel who played the Wicked Witch of the West.

So why have a Tech Anthem? It might help on those where you seem to be hitting every tech road block. Play your anthem to remind you that those blocks are temporary and it is worth it to keep trying. If this song doesn't connect with you, here are some other suggestions from my Twitter Pals.

@kjarrett My answer: Don't Stop Believing by Journey!
@jeffmason When You Wish Upon a Star. (Jiminy Cricket) or Everything is Broken (Bob Dylan) Depends on the day. : )
@tlboton Now Generation by Black Eyed Peas