Do you have a Tech Anthem?

The other day I decided to not use one of playlists and let the destiny of ipod's shuffle feature entertain me. My music tastes vary across different genres and different decades so you never know what could be next. I absolutely love music, maybe even more than technology, to lift my spirits or support a lousy mood. I love the power of feeling a connection to the beat and the lyrics. I came a across a song the other day that I thought could be my tech anthem.

It was Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. If you have never heard before I included a beautiful version of it by Idina Menzel who played the Wicked Witch of the West.

So why have a Tech Anthem? It might help on those where you seem to be hitting every tech road block. Play your anthem to remind you that those blocks are temporary and it is worth it to keep trying. If this song doesn't connect with you, here are some other suggestions from my Twitter Pals.

@kjarrett My answer: Don't Stop Believing by Journey!
@jeffmason When You Wish Upon a Star. (Jiminy Cricket) or Everything is Broken (Bob Dylan) Depends on the day. : )
@tlboton Now Generation by Black Eyed Peas