Am I normal?

If last week was any indication, the answer is a resounding no! My favorite time this past school week was when I had an opportunity to meet with other district techies to discuss the possibilities of the Livescribe pen in schools. I love brainstorming and being around people that are thinking ahead rather than backwards or worse those that complain about the present. It refreshed my spirit to think that technology is still moving forward while I spend my days reviewing the functions of Study Island or resetting accounts.

Then the end of the week marked the Powering Up with Technology conference in my district. Another opportunity to be around people that "get it." Not just the experts, but even the newbies inspire me because they see the value of technology in education and they are willing to give up their time and money to pursue knowledge.

I gave up a night of potential fun Friday so I could be at my best for this conference. I don't expect the people that went out that night to "get it." One of them even was even rude about after the fact. That is okay because I had a great time Saturday and that is a hundred times better than a night that most of them are not going to remember in the morning.

So if you are normal too, embrace it! Normal is boring and won't change the current state of education. I will continue to enjoy my differences and try to surround myself with people that see the big picture whenever possible. MSET and ISTE are too far away! :-(


gwyneth a. jones said...

I am SO gonna have to snag that awesome graphic!! .. 'cause i ain't normal, either! and darn proud of it! and

it IS grand to be around your "peeps" the people who really GET it, isn't it!?? i felt that kind of synergy at AASL and last summer's NECC! can't wait for ISTE10 & MSET and will be contacting you about the Smackdown! think we could talk The Art Guy into joining in?!!?? that would be SO cool! Cheers!
~gwyneth jones