Trying to be Wonder Woman

Wow, it has been a while. Not because there was nothing to write about, but the craziness that is the beginning of the school year. While there is a to-do list waiting for me right now, I decided to take a reflection break here.

I loved watching Wonder Woman on TV growing up. It was so cool how she could save the day with her lasso and wrist bands. It didn't matter how big the problem was or the evil doer, she could take them on without breaking a sweat. Plus it was cool to see a strong female superhero.

I realized something last week, I am trying a little to hard to be like Wonder Woman.

If you have read this blog in the past, you know I have a hard time saying "No" if it is something good for the students. So far these are my responsiblities for this school year:

  1. Teach 6 sections of Technology Integration each quarter for 4 quarters. My primary job.

  2. Meet with 6 TAG groups twice every month for "enrichment" activities. (My idea, but didn't think I would be running it)

  3. Run the School Store with student helpers. (my morning duty).

  4. My afternoon duty which switches from bus duty and hall duty.

  5. Every Thursday I am running a Tech Club (actually excited about that one).

  6. Organizing a school-wide Tech Fair/Showcase and GeoBee.

  7. Leadership team and School Improvement Plan team

  8. Tech Liaison

This list is dangerous. It doesn't even include the piles of little requests that hit my email inbox each week. This means my mind is in contast distracted mode. There is a possiblilty for an emotional breakdown. As my friend Ken Shelton posted on Facebook, work addiction is going to happen.

I am not a superhero. I can't save my school alone. Me doing more is not going to cover those doing nothing. If I was Wonder Woman, I would use my wristbands to get everyone in my building to remember why we teach: the kids.