Does it matter who is in charge?

Here is an update in my adventure to bring technology to my entire school.... it is a mess. I found out that while I was away at the Google Teacher Academy, there was a technology committee meeting. Not a big deal normally, but some big decisions were made without two of the leading members present, the IT guy and myself. The committee decided to focus on a tech skill a month, train teachers on that skill, and have students complete a project using that tech tool. Not a bad idea, but as usual no organization, just the idea. It took me over a week just to find out that information. October is Publisher Month, but no one in the building knows it. In my frustration I demanded a meeting with the principal, IT guy, the Tech Liaison, and myself.

I expressed my frustration at the lack of organization and the need for a real technology plan for the building. I can't proudly say that much was accomplished. There is now a major reward for the teachers to participate in this monthly skill program. The principal expressed her desire to have more computers in the media center, which probably can't be done. For the tech liaison who does NOTHING his only question was: Who is the leader of the technology committee?

Insert screaming here

One thing I learned from my teacher leadership degree is that you are not a leader by name alone!

I am not sure of my next step. What am I working so hard for? Maybe I should just concentrate on my classes and not doing a lot of extra work for other people? I just don't know if the fight can be won. Saga to be continued.....