I Hate Grading!

The idea of grading is so ridiculous. Being a student that was and is too obessed with grades (currently in Grad school), I always wonder, Why? It is just a letter or number and we as a society decided to give it value.

As a teacher, I have a tendency to put off grading because I don't like it. Besides the hours it takes to truly evaluate an assignment and give feedback, I hate assigning a poor grade to something a student really tried hard on.

As a technology teacher, grading is even harder. My students have various ability levels and I am always asking them to try new stuff. We just finished building pages on wikispaces and some of them are great and some of them are not so great. I know all students tried, but what grade do I give? According to the rubric we created, some are going to fail. What are the implication of that grade? Is it going to discourage a student from trying to create a website or try new technologies?
How would you have felt if someone gave you a failing grade on your first webpage?