Why doesn't my class matter?

I am the Technology Integration teacher at my middle school. This is the first time ever when there was a formal class to learn how to apply computer skills to other subjects in this school. I am very proud of the strides my students have made this year, but I am the only one.

Before I took the technology position, I was a Reading/Language Arts teacher. Back then I was important in the building. My opinion mattered when it came to instruction and data. When my students made strides people cared and wanted to know what I did to try to replicate it. I was on many committees and in the thick of it, but all of that disappeared. I don't understand why?

Technology is the present and the future. I keep waiting to see my students apply their skills in other classes, but there are no opportunities for them.

I want to scream from the stage in the cafeteria: It matters! My class matters! Look what these kids are capable of! Even the ones you throw out of class because they won't work! All of this matters!