Why start?

This leap into Web 2.0 came from two upcoming events for me: NECC 2008 and DEN National Institute.

In the past three years I have been attending the National Middle School Association conference and found lots of information. I declared I wasn't attending this year because the issues in middle school haven't changed and last year there were so few sessions about technology. Plus when I got back to my school, there were so few opportunities to share what I had learn. This year I wanted to attend a conference where I could share in learning with educators like myself. While my school colleagues are keeping track of the countdown until the end of the school year, I follow my NECC countdown on my 2008 DEN calendar.

Then the second amazing event, I was invited to the DEN National Institute. I applied last year and was completely bummed when I wasn't accepted. This year I applied day one, but was determined not to get my hopes up. On April 18th, I received the email that I was accepted and have been on cloud nine ever since. By the way, if you haven't become a Star educator yet, what are you waiting for?

It was incredible that I would have two amazing summer experiences, but was I ready. I felt like a kid again with the birthday party invitation and not knowing what to where or what to bring. So I set out on a mission, I was coming to both parties prepared.

  • I set up a gmail account for all tech stuff (my personal and school accounts are already bogged down)
  • I would join Twitter (had been meaning to try it out anyways)
  • I would develop my personal blog to track my progress and allow myself to reflect on my learning.