Interesting L & L article

I was reading the current edition Learning & Leading with Technology. It is always interesting because of the various articles and reviews of the newest hardware/software. One article that has been particularly interesting is the three part series about professional development entitled, "One Size Doesn't Fit All."

This article is interesting because I think it would be a good way to handle technology professional development at my school. The series made me start brainstorming different opportunities for different levels of expertise:
  • Demonstration and practice with the beginners

  • One-on-one sessions with all levels

  • A blog or wiki to share ideas, frustations, and successes

  • Tech help when using the mobile labs

  • Tech planning days

Then there was one section that described the type of learners as a new technology is introduced in the school environment. I immediately labeled myself an innovator not because I consider myself a technology genius, but I love trying stuff out in the classroom. Overtime I have gotten use to the failures so it doesn't scare me to try again.

I kept reading until I got to the part where they label the innovators as loners. It's true! I wish there was someone in my building that would help me grow as a professional, but there isn't. If I admit something doesn't work for me, others take it as a sign that it won't work for them. I feel bad when I don't have an immediate answer to others' tech issues because I am afraid they will give up. Maybe there are innovators in the building, they just are not easy to see?