A Technology Crime

Time: 5 weeks. The effects might last longer...

Location: At my house.

Tools: laptop

Crime: Creating test questions for a test practice website.

Alibi: The money is good. I can work in my pjs. I not polluting the world with the gas emissions that it would take to drive to a summer job? If I didn't do it, some one would, right?

I feel dirty!

As an advocate of using technology in the classroom that is meaningful, how could I do it? I also despise test practice and feel that if teachers teach, then tests should not be that hard. (Note: I understand that teaching cannot overcome poverty, language barriers, or a variety of other issues that students bring to school) I did it anyways without a single regret at the time. Now I am committed and I would feel worse backing out of the job than just completing it.

Is redemption possible? I hope so.

My second job of the summer is to re-do the curriculum for the class I teach which is called Technology Integration. Right now there is a heavy focus on the Microsoft Office suite and my goal is to include digital photography, movies, and Web 2.0 tools.

Isn't that life. Balancing the bad and the good?