NECC 2008- The proof that I am a complete geek.

My current level of excitement surpasses any other convention I have been to and any Christmas morning (I was an advocate of sleeping in even as a child). I skipped a school improvement plan meeting to pick up a few last things for the trip. There was a TV ad a couple of years back when the guy was happy to see his travel sized products move down the conveyor belt during checkout and I felt the same way today. I am so envious of those who are boarding a plane tomorrow because the adventure starts even earlier. My high level of excitement confirms my geek status because I am happy to go into hot weather to learn.

I have decided to be proud of my geekdom. As a kid, the most exciting day was the first day of a new school year. I love learning which I guess the proof of this is that I am in my second master's program. While some would consider NECC work, I consider it a vacation. A vacation from learning around negativity. I look forward to being surrounded by people who have that innovative spirit in education.

There is only one problem: deciding what to do during the conference? I went through the conference planner and made decisions. Then a couple of days ago I went to transfer my conference planner to google calendar and didn't know why I picked the sessions I did. Not that all sessions won't be good, but when I went to search for more sessions there were so many choices. I think for every session I have three choices. Then what about the hall, lounges, and posters? I might have planned too much, but the process is so much fun! Check back for updates on first NECC adventure....