My school needs wisdom!

Ok, now I have way too many cheap cowboy hats, but in true teacher mode I figured that I could use them for something. Enjoyed the reception and even participated in the scavenger hunt. Through the wisdom of the crowd I was able to finish it faster than if I would have went alone.

The "Wisdom of Crowds" was the main topic of the keynote address. Instead of putting me to sleep, it actually woke me up after a tedious day of traveling. It was so relevant to my school, I felt like running down to the ISTE bookstore and the UPS center to send a copy of this book to my principal. My school is stuck in a deep, deep not rut, but trench. The trench even has a title, " The Tasker Way." This trench was created by years of the same teachers offering the same opinions to the point administration listens and then makes any decision they want. It is frustrating and I usually blamed the principal, but really the system is broken. We have diversity, but all voices are not heard. I don't think that there is independent thought because some voices are louder, but not better. When I think back to the few meetings we had last year, I can't think of one time where the faculty came up with a group decision which forces administration to make the decision for us.

Maybe, I shouldn't send a copy to the principle, but to the entire staff. I wish I had that kind of money!