A Rock Star Life: Part One

I love music concerts! You get to hear great songs and you get pumped by being surrounded by fans of the same band. You can scream your head off and dance without feeling like a complete idiot. While I have enjoyed every concert I have attended, I never think about the experience from the band's perspective too often. Imagine everybody there to see you, what a high! What about when the crowd goes nuts after a terrific set? Nothing can compare to that kind of rush.

So at this point you might be wondering why all the concert stuff? It relates to this concept Steve Dembo has repeated in different presentations. In simple terms, if you know your tech stuff, then you should be out presenting and sharing. While I know that I am not on the cutting edge, I do know that I am ahead of the mainstream. My thought was to start out small at a district conference just to see of I could actually present to a crowd other than the teachers in my building.

I finally understood what Dembo meant during my Google Apps presentation. The lab was full and people opted to stay by seating in chairs, on the floor, and by standing. I could feel the focus of the group and their excitement from learning something new. Of course my plans kind went out the window in the streams of questions. Lunch time came and pass in the discussions after the presentation. There was just enough time to grab a bottle of water and set up for the Web 2.0 presentation for a full crowd.

The rock star feeling hit me while I was driving home in the rain. It was this rush that I can't fully explain. I turned the radio up and sang my heart out. I want to use this post to remind me of that feeling if I get too afraid to send in a proposal or feel exhausted in the effort to prepare. For those who play Guitar Hero, I think I might be ready to try another venue or another set.

Now to get back to the thirty day challenge.