So, the next challenge posted by Steve Dembo is to write a thank-you email to the person that encouraged you to blog. While I read many blogs like Dembo's and Will Richardson's, it never inspired me to write and continue to write on a blog. I thought I would stretch Steve's assignment to thank those who put me on the path to technology enlightenment.

1. My former AP, S. Frye. Three years ago she was the only admin to attend a local technology conference (the same one I am presenting at this year). There she learned about the middle school technology course that I teach today. Not only did she fight for adding this course at our middle school, I was the only one she had in mind to teach it.

2. The DEN STARs, especially those at the summer National Institute. All of you inspired me to be a better teacher and hopefully a technology leader.

3. My PLN on Plurk. Beside the amazing resources, they are always so supportive through my good days and bad.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank-you!


Pam Shoemaker said...

I'm also doing the Blog Challenge and am enjoying it. Just stopped by to say hello! Nice blog.