As 2008 wraps up...

As a blogger I am ashamed that I haven't been posting in awhile, but I think many of us experience this as life gets busier. For me it was the new state technology measurement (this needs it's own post) and finishing another semester of graduate school. I really did miss blogging because of the reflection piece.

This month has been very busy for me on the technology end. I actually got invited to join a district group that is exploring different online conferencing tools. Being the only teacher is kind of making me nervous around the heads of testing, library services, and technology. They are great people, don't get me wrong, and I have known many of them before this but I want to show them my best. I used Google Docs to take notes which impressed the group and threw out some ideas that really started some good discussion on the potential of online meeting tools. The only bad part is that it has put my head in the clouds about future opportunities outside of the classroom. Since my district's budget is under severe strain, I going to re-focus my efforts on being a great teacher while still making the connections I need to for future opportunities.

Then I great early Christmas present, I won a MICCA grant! I get $600 for some pocket video cameras and memory cards. In return for the grant, I have to present in the poster sessions at the MICCA conference. Unlike other grants I got some extra bonuses, free MICCA membership and free registration to the MICCA conference. The MICCA membership is going to come in very handy when getting a room for NECC. Of course no one at school will care since I have gotten no response on winning the Turning Technologies Grant or on becoming a Google Certified Teacher, but I have gotten to the point that I don't really care. I have a freedom in my computer lab that most teachers have to fight for. I have decided in 2009 I am going to embrace being off the radar to expand the projects in my classes.

So what is next? Yesterday I spent some time on grantwrangler.com and found some good stuff. There are some great contests for my students to enter and I even set up a Google Calendar just to reflect all of the upcoming deadlines. As much as I enjoy the time in my PJs and the laptop, I am excited for school to start again.


Jacob Paulsen said...

Just a quick suggestion as far as online conferencing tools goes: check out www.webcastrooms.com They have an article you can read about some of their competitors!

Christine Southard said...

You're doing a lot Selena and you should be very proud of yourself. Enjoy this quiet time to regroup and refocus. You'll be back in the mix in no time.