My Last ISTE '10 Post

I probably could go on and on about ISTE '10, but I decided to do one final post on the topic. Mainly just to reflect on the goals I set for myself before I boarded the plane for Denver. So here I go.....

1. Going Public: I still have a real picture of myself on Twitter and I am still okay with it. There was a great discussion during Edubloggercon about transitioning online identities, but I decided to keep The Tech Tiger around. I just need to make sure that I keep progressing, evolving.

2. Be Brave: For the most part I think that I accomplished this goal. I was even joking for awhile that I was a "Bad after-school special," because I would strike up conversations with strangers. There were a couple times where I was a little too quiet or I let people make me feel out of place. Which brings me to a piece of advice for newbies and especially veterans to the conference: Venture out of your comfort zone every now and again. I was a little surprised that some who strongly promote PLNs hung out with the same people all day, every day.

3. Experience as much as I can!: Mission accomplished!
Of course I missed a lot, but I sure had a lot of fun!
I loved having a chance to create at The Constructivist Celebration.

Probably one of the best evenings was the adventure to Casa Bonita. It was fun being a kid with really cool people. There were so many cool life stories that developed from me being open for new experiences.

4. Not to plan every second of the day: this worked out really well. I saw some awesome sessions even though I didn't always get my first pick. I loved my "firsts" including my time in the Google booth and the GCT Birds-of-a Feather session. Most of all I loved that after a school year that seemed a little chaotic, I was in control of my ISTE experience.

Since being home many have asked, "How was it?" In one word, "Amazing!"

Now this chapter is closed I can concentrate on my other summer adventures: Google Geo Teacher Institute, Being a freelance web designer, and some time to share some ideas for the classroom.