Have you tried eduTecher? You should!

Since this is my first day home from ISTE '10 and I am in some fog or info coma, I thought I would start my reflection with some cool sites, ideas, and programs. This conference was so big for me as an educator, this whole reflection might take awhile.

While at ISTE, I met Adam Bellow on an excursion to the Casa Bonita (post on this experience will come later). Not only is Adam a really cool guy and someone to follow on Twitter, but he has developed this really helpful web site called eduTecher. So today being the first day I have been on my laptop in awhile, I decided to check it out for the first time (I lived on my iPad for the entire conference which may have to be another post). I have to say I am impressed!

Like many other educators, I have spent a lot of time on Go2Web20 to find the latest but there are a number of issues with this site. One, it takes too many clicks to get to the actual page. If you go back, you often lose the last spot in your Web 2.0 search. Two, many of sites have no real educational purpose so have to explore many duds to find a gem.

eduTecher makes the search process much easier. The user can search for tools by subject matter, grade level. or through a simple A to Z listing. Each tool has a nice summary and it is easy to identify an online tool from a download. I know this is simple feature, but the fact the links cause the tool to open into another window makes it easy for exploring. My next step will be downloading the new app. Now it is your turn to explore this web site built for teachers by a teacher.