This time will be different....

The time until I am in Denver for my third NECC/ISTE conference is fleeting and on my many to-do lists was to get some thoughts down before the main event. Besides the big conference name change, I am determined that this conference is going to different for me. I have a few goals and was thinking that recording them down will make me stick to it.

1. Going Public: The Tech Tiger was a title that made it safe to enter the unknown of social networking. For a long time it was a second, secret identity, but I am realizing how the two worlds are becoming one identity. Today marks the first time I have put a real pic of myself on Twitter and it felt good.

2. Be Brave: This goal branches in so many directions. I am going to miss a great DEN event to attend Edubloggercon. There will be courage when it comes to presenting at this level. I am DETERMINED not to be the "fly on the wall."

3. Experience as much as I can!: As I stated earlier on Twitter, this conference is becoming like a trip to Disneyland. While everything is excited, there is no way to experience it all. Just like my eight-year-old self with personalized Mickey ears strapped on my head, I going to try anyways.

4. To not plan every second of the day: While I do have some events on my Google Calendar, there are open pockets. In fact I have made a point to NOT mull over the online conference planner and not sign up for a lot of ticketed events. That way I feel free to take session suggestions and spend some time in the Blogger's Cafe and playgrounds.

Well that is about it, time will tell if I stick to my goals. If you read this and are heading Denver, I would love to meet you F2F. I will be presenting Monday at 12:30 p.m. with an amazing group of educators. Stop by the Google Booth Tuesday between 1-3 p.m. and say hi, (I'll try to hook you up). If not, be sure to catch me at the one of the social gatherings. May ISTE '10 be an amazing experience for all of us.