I Have Some Hope

Dear Ms. -----,
I have a confession to make before this letter begins. My plan this year was to take a big step back. You wouldn't see my face at school-based managements meetings or hear my voice at faculty meetings. Like many teachers at my school, the plan was to close my classroom door and only worry about my classes. This plan was going to be good for me because it would be less stress. It might have been better for my students. They would have have my full attention rather than my divided attention between teaching, testing, and many other technology tasks/projects around the building.

To be honest, I didn't think this decision would be a big deal to anyone, but me. For years I have tried to be a technology leader in the building with little progress. I partly blamed you, because I don't think you completely trust your teacher leaders. I blamed many of the teachers for being stuck in their ways and you letting them live in their rut. I definitely blamed myself for not getting others to see the bigger picture, that technology does make a difference for students.

So what changed?

I got a gleamer of hope last week at a BBQ with fellow teachers from our building. It turns out that some of discussions we had after school made a difference. They didn't have anything to do with technology, but you did more than listen. You heard me! You actually heard me!

You must have been really busy this summer to make all of the changes we talked about a reality. We both know that not everyone will like the changes and you did them anyways. I knew you always had the right vision, but the obstacles got in the way.

So what now?

If change is in the air, I will be your biggest supporter. My promise is to be at every meeting ready to work that change. Just like the image, I will strap on my helmet and firecracker to get out there. Most of all I won't give up on you when our school is in a crisis.

If the change is a mere illusion, my door will be closed. I will keep fighting for the students to have more opportunities, but I can't fight all the fights. The losing is too hard.


Your Dedicated Teacher


Scott McLeod said...

We can't stop fighting, even when the losing is hard. Our students' futures depend on us.

Let us know how we can support you.