Lessons from a Concert

Lately I have really enjoyed reading Tim Childers' blog because he has a talent for learning from everyday happenings. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it! So here is my attempt from trying to view my Spring Break in a different way.

Wednesday marked my trip into D.C. for the Maroon Five concert. It was an amazing concert despite the fact I was in the nosebleed section and at a height that made me slightly nervous. In trying to take it all in and doing more than just enjoying the music, this is what I learned:

  • In the line to get water there was a mother and her son. He was already in his tour t-shirt and super excited because it was his first concert. I still remember the excitement of my first concert and it brought a smile on my face to hear the kid talk. Firsts are a great thing and we should try new things no matter what age we are now.
  • This has been my third concert since December and I have enjoyed the opening act(s) at every event. There are so many that come in just in time for the main act. By doing so they missed out on some musical surprises. How many moments do we skip because we don't believe there is anything to gain?
  • On the opposite end, people left before encore was finished. Yeah, they made have made it out of the parking garage a little faster or didn't have to battle the same Metro crowd that I did, but was is worth it? What are you saving the extra time for? Some things are worth seeing it through to the end, to enjoy it without the worry of a small delay.
  • Live in the moment! There was a teenager in front of me that was one of the few in the section that stood through the concert. She danced, sang, and acted out the emotion of each song. I admired her passion and the ability to live completely in the moment. Imagine if her and her teachers had that same passion in school.