At a Crossroads

Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my job! Especially with the changes I made to my course this year, creativity is at an all-time high with my students. It also helped that I put my super-hero complex in check where I volunteered for everything to help out the school. Yet, it is a point in my career where the question comes up: What is next?

Since I missed out on a job opportunity in Mobile Learning last year because I didn't have an administration certificate, I am taking care of that now. Right it has become the excuse to delay figuring out the next step. If the delay continues, I am afraid of staying in one place because that is safe.

What do I want? An opportunity to work with students without grading and the day-to-day "stuff." A chance to help teachers with training that is meaningful. Most of all I want a voice and the chance to make real change in education. Unfortunately teachers only have the power for change the classroom, but I am ready to fight the bigger fight and don't mind getting a couple of bruises.

So current possible moves:

Assistant Principal- HECK NO! I admire what they do, but it is not for me. Even with the possibility of becoming a Principal.

Technology Trainer- While I think I could like this job, I can't see it working out for me in my current school system. I am not the kind of presenter that follows prescribed training modules.

Curriculum & Instruction- A true possibility. The decisions made here have the biggest impact on students and this is where the good fights are currently taking place.

??????- I feel like there is something I am not thinking about. Is there some amazing opportunity I am missing because I am missing something in the picture?

Sorry another all-about-me post, but that has been the focus of this blog. If you haven't had this conversation with yourself in a while, why not?