It is so Hard to Say Goodbye

Web 2.0 can be a sad place. Why you may ask? It evolves so quickly that one may have to say goodbye to tools that they love and grow accustomed too. This is my plight with Twitter.

I love Twitter, don't get me wrong. I remember the excitement of seeing my first post and actually making friends. I don't even know how many valuable resources I have bookmarked from other postings. It broke my heart to ever see that whale held up by all of the little twitter birds and was overjoyed that it worked throughout NECC. I don't want the the Twitter bird to find out that I have been cheating on him with the Plurk elephant.

At first I didn't want to like Plurk. There were the obvious flaws like the weird timeline and the difficulty of building friendships again. I didn't even use my account until after NECC and began to notice the drop in tweets. Now I have to say in a soft voice so the bird can't hear: I think I found a new love in Plurk.

Probably what I like about Plurk is the conversations. It was always difficult to have a detailed conversation in Twitter and more than once I saw tweets that said to meet up on Skype. Right now I am in a conversation about using a ning as PD and I couldn't see that happening in Twitter. While I still am checking for tweets, I see myself pulling away day by day.

If you join Plurk add thetechtiger as a friend and let the conversation begin. Warning: Don't let Karma control you!


IMC Guy said...

I didn't like Plurk at first either, but now I really like it. I don't plan on leaving Twitter, though.