Crossing Fingers for Change

I have gotten little done since I sent an invite to my principal to the ning I set up for my school. To defend my principal, she has always been supportive when it comes to listening to my 101 ways we can improve our school. It is a good school where learning takes places and we always make AYP (I know, I know that is not the only form of measuring school success), but I think we can be a great school. We are not the risk-takers (even though hiring me was probably a risk, one to think about) and it is a shame since we have the luxury of worrying less about testing than other schools in the region. While some of my ideas have been successful, the technology ones are the ones shot down. It is frustrating to say the least, but I have not given up yet.

In my exploration into Web 2.0, I have been in awe of all of the sources in cyberspace that could help our students construct learning. By participating in nings I witnessed open discussions that almost never happen in the usual cloud of complaining or with those staring at their watches, waiting for that last minute of the school day. I think that lack of open discussion and true collaboration maybe the reason we are not achieving greatness. That and all of those closed doors in a very large middle school. Even if the principal likes the idea, another hurdle is the staff. They never used other tools that were available to them so what will make them change?

While I want to be one of the warriors that change the current view of the classroom, I sometimes grow impatient. I am tired of holding my breath and crossing my fingers hoping that those around me buy my pitch on why this is important, necessary, or just something worth taking a risk on.


IMC Guy said...

Many of the feelings and thoughts you have about getting teachers to embrace technology are the same feelings I have. We have a new principal this year and hopefully he will help us move forward with technology. Good luck. By the way, we barely made AYP last year - we are crossing our fingers for the upcoming year. I wish that wasn't a huge worry for us.