Having Control

Like most educators, I like having control. So much so that it took me a while to give control to the students when it comes to projects. Never regretted that decision.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get wrapped up in the things you can't control in a school. Colleagues not completing their assigned duties. Knowing that students are not getting the education they deserve. Seeing students that are being left behind when something could be done. To know that change can't happen with the current climate.

Since I fell in the trap, I spent way too much time angry and sad. When Friday morning started off just as rough as the past three mornings, I took a moment to stop myself and the pent up resentment. In that moment there was a decision to make: to hold on to the anger or make a change. The choice was change.

I took a quick moment to write two thank-you notes to staff members that really helped me during this rough week. Both already told me how much the notes meant to them. By letting go of the anger, it allowed me to see how hard my students work in my class. It resulted in me giving lots of feedback, praise, and pats on the back.

This post written on a Sunday night is really meant to be a reminder. A reminder that the problems existed last week still exist. A reminder that I do have control if my week is a positive or negative experience.