The Right Tool

Picking the right tool for the needs of the project seems to be a reoccuring theme for me lately. As much as I love Web Apps, I don't believe in using them because they are new or flashy. All online tools and software have their limits so they should only be chosen once you know what you want the outcome to be.

That brings me to this blog. A tool that I chose over three years ago to chronical my journey as a Technology Integration Teacher. Numerous times I have stated that my outcome was never a certain number of readers, even though I appreciate every person that took a moment out of their life to scan through my rants. While I have done a couple of reviews, this place has been my reflection pool. My time to stop to see where I have been and where I wanted to be in the future.

When I started this blog I never could have imagined how my life would have turned out. I feel so lucky to have had so many amazing opportunities so far. I felt such tremendous loss as I had to say goodbye to my biggest inspiration, my mother. Then the feeling of gratitude for so many amazing people in my life that have supported me through all of this. I am a different person than I was three years ago. My hope is that I am a better person that continues to learn and grow.

So at this point, is this blog the right tool? Now I use Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare on a daily basis. There are tools that I haven't even tried yet like Tumblr and Posterous. Despite all of these tools, I feel like I still want to hang on to my blog. It is like falling in love with a hammer all over again.