The Power of Mentoring

As state testing comes to an end for now and Spring Break begins, it feels good to get back to my blog. Of course I have a ton of thoughts about state testing, but my ideas are shared by many other teachers so I will spare any readers from a soapbox post. The end of April marks the MSET conference which has highlighted a theme for me this year: there a great power in mentoring.

In the past few years I have lucky enough to have a great mentor and friend in my course supervisor, Barbara L. When we first met she immediately calmed me down as I was so nervous to start a new technology course. Over the years she has been my biggest cheerleader and has given me opportunities to add input on technology issues at the district level. From her I have learned numerous leadership lessons and she is there for me at all sorts of strange hours. Probably some of the most important lessons have been to take risks and "sin boldly."

What I just realized the other day is that now I have become a technology mentor for a couple teachers at my school. Of course for years I have been sharing links and lesson ideas, but this is something more. A colleague and I graduated with the same technology integration degree, but now I am supporting her as she is starting to present at conferences. I am so impressed with her as she has prepared for her first MSET presentation. Just like Barbara did for me, I am there for constant feedback and support. Another teacher who wanted to join the school's technology team just to learn more comes to me to help with developing projects that integrate technology and he is even giving Twitter a chance.

So here is my point. If you don't have a mentor, find one. That person can help you reach the next level.

If you can, be a mentor. It is a great feeling and you are helping create change.