Time for Something New

I decided that since I am past the one year mark with my blog that I should mix it up a bit by sharing resources. I have been working on Luau 2.0 which was the purpose of the WAT grant I won at the beginning of summer. Here are a couple of Web 2.0 guides I created to use at that event. Copy, edit, and most of all SHARE!


Lori Feldman said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

gwyneth a. jones said...

i have a similar story...but i'm not as brave as you! i resisted FB for years because i feared being too transparent. i've had blogs & wiki's since 06...smugmug since 03, blah blah but nothing of myself outside school... now (part thanks to you and your awesome example &blog!) i decided to be more visible with my opinions but i have said no to approving the students and former students who have asked to friend me...i just see it as too risky....but i'll be interested to hear how it goes for you! maybe a year from now i'll be following suit! keep us informed and...YAY you!