My GTA Chicago Adventure

As predicted, it was wonderful and way too fast. I could go through every moment, but I don't want to bore any reader to death. Thought I would just run through some of the highlights:

  • David Jakes: This is my first opportunity to hear him speak in person. It was so inspiring to hear about the leaders, rebels, and troublemakers. This commercial from Apple really made you reflect about what it means to think differently.

  • Steve Dembo: His energy is contagious! He asked the crowd to raise their hand if they felt behind after the first rotation of learning Google tools. Most raised their hand and he made a good point. We felt behind, but we are miles ahead of our colleagues. Those colleagues that want to learn PowerPoint and won't check their email.

  • Google Tool Presenters: An amazing group that worked hard to create a quality presentation even though the time to present was too short.

  • Those that work at the Google Offices in Chicago: they were so cool about being on display in front of a group of teachers in awe of their environment.

  • GTA cohort: this was an amazing group of teachers that are true innovators. I wonder what is would be like to work in building with educators like Carol Broos, Scott Meech, and Cindy Lane? I would have nothing to complain about again.


  • Too short! I would have loved to have the time that I did at the DEN National Institute to explore and create with these amazing teachers.

  • That I had to come home!